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I - Translation Notes


It was necessary to change some minor details in order to make the game playable as an RPG. However, I have done my best to see that the main theme remains untouched.

A - In the Zelda video games, each heart counts as 2 points of damage. This has been altered here, since it would be harder to keep track of on paper. Each heart counts for 1 point of damage, but hearts that you pick up, as well as Heart Containers, still count for 2 points of damage. Therefore, if you pick up a heart, you get 2 hearts added to your Life, and a Container Heart gives you 2 more permanent hearts in your Life.
(Freakaholics, don't despair... if you really like hearts having 2 points, and losing half a heart when you get hit, you can do one of two things to do this.

B - Most Heart Containers are temporary. They last for about six months. Why do I say this? In Zelda II, the Adventure of Link, Link had only 4 hearts. What happened to the rest he picked up in the first game? Apparently, they wore off... Same goes for Magic Containers, if you use them in your version of the game.

C - Stopwatches affect all creatures on "the screen" until you leave it. Since this game obviously doesn't have a screen, more clarification was needed. They affect a certain radius until you leave it. The same is true of medallions that affect "the whole screen."

D - All creatures now have backgrounds and explanations, many of which were not made up by Nintendo or Shigeru Miyamoto. However, I have done my best to see to it that these stories never conflict with the Zelda storyline. For example, the game series never explained what a Darknut is. The explanation I made up is one of many possible stories, but it is at least plausible within the Zelda universe.

E - No, your character won't be as strong as Link. Link is supposed to be the greatest hero ever, the "Hero of Hyrule." If it were possible to create characters that were more powerful than he is, the game would no longer be in the Zelda universe. You can build a stronger warrior, or a stronger wizard, but nothing that excels in everything all at once like Link. If you wish to play as Link, that's between you and your game Manager.

F - Just because Link's -thing- works a certain way in a game doesn't mean every -thing- in the Zelda universe works the same way. All of Link's swords in The Legend of Zelda, and his only sword in The Adventure of Link shot beams, but not all swords do (some Ironknuckle's swords are Zappers, but some aren't). In The Legend of Zelda, Link's boomerang comes back to him even when he moves, but Goriya always have to wait for their boomerangs to return; apparently Link's is the only Tracer boomerang in the game. In other words, no, all your items won't necessarily be as powerful as Link's.

G - Most weapons require weapon skills. Link did not need to learn skills, he could simply pick up a weapon and use it; however, only Link can do that. As the Hero of Hyrule, he automatically has all weapon skills, and nobody else does. See note E.

H - Although this version of the game is set after The Adventure of Link, there are some aspects of the game that are taken from A Link to the Past, and The Ocarina of Time because those games served to clarify some things that would have been technically difficult on the old NES. Example, 1-Rubie gems are green, not flashing. In The Legend of Zelda, they flashed from yellow to blue, but yellow and blue make green, so it's probable that the graphics were trying to portray a green, glittering rubie. Remember that in the game, the characters are seeing things clearly that we see distorted by game console technological limitations.

I - Link is a Calatian, but he is not a Calian. His ancestors were Hylian, and his blood may be mixed, but he is more Hylian than Calian.

J - As a student of swordplay, I can assure you that nothing in this game is realistic. It is all true to the video-game based concept which does not reflect true combat in the least. If you're anal-retentive about accuracy, wait for Krystofor's next RPG, which will be true to real-life, and have nothing to do with any video game.

The Hyrule role playing game is made by Krystofor Goldensword (a fan), for all Zelda fans who have any imagination, and care to use it.

The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, The Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and the characters Link, Zelda, Impa, and all other persons, places, and things in Hyrule, as well as the land of Hyrule, itself, are copyright Nintendo of America, Inc. Krystofor claims no rights for the materials, and this game may not be used for profit in any way.