A long time ago, the world was in an age of chaos...

Sorry to everyone for delays, but now the project is nearly complete. We should have a new website, a rule update, and more complete lists in a few weeks. Thanks for stopping by! -Krystofor

Welcome to the official Legends of Hyrule website. The Legends of Hyrule is a Pen & Paper RPG created by Krystofor Goldensword based on the Legend of Zelda video game series from Nintendo. Krystofor created this game system because he fell in love with the series, but found that the games have one fatal flaw: they end. True RPGs, on the other hand, don't end until you lose interest, or run out of ideas.
The rules and resources available here are designed to allow you to take an imaginary journey into the land of Hyrule. Once you arrive there, you're on your own.
This version of the game is set just after Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which takes place after the fall of Ganon, and in which Link, the Hero of Hyrule, reunites the Triforce. In this timeline, an uneasy peace has returned to the land, but there are still armies of monsters in the land, and there is much to be rebuilt. The setting shows Link pitted against hundreds of ruthless monsters bent on stealing the Triforce and wishing their evil master back to life.
Hopefully, in the future we will be working on other versions of this game set in the Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time periods. Like all good RPGs, this game will always be a work in progress. We would love to hear your comments or suggestions. If you'd like to talk to us, either click on "Contact Us" in the menu to the left, or click here.
The menu to the left should be self-explanitory. If you're not sure what a button does, just point your mouse at it for a couple of seconds, and it will explain itself. Please enjoy your stay.
This site is best viewed at 600x800 or higher resolution with at least 256 colors. Best with Netscape or Internet Explorer. And we are currently fixing the site up for Webtv.

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The Hyrule role playing game is made by Krystofor Goldensword (a fan), for all Zelda fans who have any imagination, and care to use it.

The Legend of Zelda, The Adventure of Link, A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, The Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and the characters Link, Zelda, Impa, and all other persons, places, and things in Hyrule, as well as the land of Hyrule, itself, are copyright Nintendo of America, Inc. Krystofor claims no rights for the materials, and this game may not be used for profit in any way.