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Type: Person
Terrain: Water
Life: 2
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: none
Damage: 1
Speed: Land 2/Water 12
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: Breathe Fire
Treasure: H, F

Zola will randomly pop their heads out of the water, and spit fireballs with a Penetration Factor of 2 at whatever creature they mean to harrass. These fireballs inflict one point of damage on whatever creature they hit.
Zolas will be visible for two rounds, and shoot the fireball in the second round. Their Attack with the fireballs is 9 within 8 feet, and drops by one for every 8 feet after that (i.e. 8 at 16 feet, 7 at 24 feet, 6 at 32 feet, etc.)

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