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Type: Person/Spirit
Terrain: Sentry
Life: Red 4/Blue 8
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: none
Damage: 4
Speed: 18
Attack: 20
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability: Phase, Teleport, Bolt, see in darkness, pass through fire, immune to missile weapons, immune to all magic but Medallions
Magic: 250
Treasure: any

Wizzrobes are powerful evil wizards from an alternate universe. They are only partially projected into our reality, and as such cannot be permanently killed by corporial weapons. "Killing" a Wizzrobe only succeeds in breaking a spell which the pandimensional wizard will then have to re-cast. Fortunately, this process seems to normally take several hours.
Weaker Wizzrobes appear red or white, and stronger ones are blue. Both types are shielded by magic which protects them from any type of missile weapon, magical or otherwise. Both types cast magic bolts which inflict 8 points of Damage and have a Penetration Factor of 2. Both types are immune to any heat or cold based magic, unless cast by a medallion. (Cold based medallions dispell the Wizzrobe, they do not freeze it.)
Red Wizzrobes (which sometimes appear white) can Teleport at will, but do not move visibly. Blue Wizzrobes can cast Phase at will, and can move at a speed of 12 normally, and 18 when Phased.

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