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Pols Voice

Type: Animal
Terrain: Caves
Life: 10
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: none
Damage: 2
Speed: 2
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability: Jump
Treasure: any

Pols Voices stand about five feet tall, and are yellow, and resemble nothing so much as a gumdrop with two large ears and several whiskers. Similar to bits and zols, these are also jelly-like creatures, with the signicant difference that they have a leathery skin. As such, it is very hard to damage one with an edged weapon (such as a sword). However, any successful piercing attack (a thrust with a spear or dirk, or a shot from an arrow) of 1 point of Damage or more will puncture this membrane and kill the creature.
(It is a common old wives' tale in Hyrule that sounds cause them pain. In reality, they are deaf, and sense vibrations only as vibrations, not as sound, per se.)

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