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Type: Spirit
Terrain: Deserts/Plains
Life: 2
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 1
Speed: 5
Attack: 12
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability: fly invincibly
Treasure: standard

A Peahat is about 3 feet high and two feet across. It has a yellow, cylindrical body with a daisy-like flower at the top, and red leaves around the base.
Being spirits, they can turn their bodies into ether, and fly through solid objects unharmed. While in flight, peahats are completely invincible; however, they cannot fly indefinitely. When a peahat takes flight, the Manager will roll two dice and multiply the result by two to determine how many turns the peahat will remain in flight.
Although peahats are quick, they seem to fly somewhat randomly, and never travel in a straight line, so they are usually easily escaped.
Peahats are the ghosts of flowers. Long ago, before the Imprisioning War, there lived a race of intelligent plants. They communicated telepathically, and had no way of conveying messages to other types of living creatures. When Hylians settled in their territory, their plows destroyed the delicate root-system and chemical balance in the soil that these plant-people needed to survive. Fairies, who came with the Hylians, began populating the springs and casting their magical wards, which killed some of the justly angry flower-people. The peahats thus died their horrible death at the hands of Fairies and Hylians who knew nothing of those they had wronged, and would have saved, had they known. In their last silent screams, the peahats cursed their unknowing killers, and vowed to return to seek vengance.
Today, they are quite skilled at capturing Fairies, and will harrass Hylians and Calians endlessly.

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