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Type: Automaton
Terrain: Caves
Life: 1
Buffet: does nothing
Damage: 1
Speed: 1 (5 defence)
Attack: 8
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability: very small, hard to hit
Treasure: M

A special slime covered in spikes. It is very small (about two inches high, and six inches in diameter), and is therefore much harder to hit than its Speed would indicate. It is also very hard, due to the fact that it is covered in iron spikes, so glancing blows will do no damage.
When a creature attacks it, it hits with its normal Attack plus its weapon's Penetration; i.e., a Hylian attacking at 9 with a sword with Penetration 2 would attack at 11. This is because higher Penetration weapons will be able to cut through some of the spikes.
If a character using a weapon shorter than 3 feet long misses a myu, it automatically attacks back (with no penalty to number of attacks) at Attack 12. This is because a character must get very close to the spikes in order to hit it. If a character uses a dagger against a myu, it is automatically hit, whether the attack on the myu is successful or not.

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