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Type: Animal
Terrain: Caves
Life: 2/section
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: none
Damage: 1
Speed: 2
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability: burrow
Treasure: standard

Moldorms are huge orange worms measuring 20 feet long and having 5 sections at adulthood. They live in warm, sandy earth and always avoid sunlight. As a result, they are usually found in desert caves.
They secrete a strong neurotoxin which will inflict 1 point of damage on any creature which touches them (except, of course, other moldorms or digdoggers). They are carniverous, but quite blind, having no eyes of any sort. They have no ears per se, but can sense vibrations with a fair amount of accuracy. Usually, they prey on burrowing insects and moles.
Having no centralized nervous system, but are divided into 5 segments, each one containing two dorsal ganglial clusters. To kill one, all of its sections must be destroyed.

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