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Type: Person
Terrain: Forests
Life: Orange 1/Red 2/Blue3
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 1
Speed: 2 (1 die -1)
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: Spear
Treasure: standard, B
Suggested Special Treasure: 1D 1P Spear

Molblins are dog-faced devils who generally keep to the forests. They came to Hyrule as the infantry of Ganon's army, and now constitute the bulk of the Brotherhood's forces.
They generally carry enchanted spears, given them by Ganon, which can be thrown at Penetration Factor 1, and inflict 1 point of damage, and after striking a target or landing, magically appear in their hands again.
Individually, a molblin is as intelligent as a rock. Working collectively, they are somewhat stupider, as they tend to get in each other's way. However, they are tenacious and determined fighters, despite their bungling, and if you don't have a shield, their spears can prove to be a force to be reckoned with.

Notes to players playing Molblins:
Molblins start with 3CPs (or 1 die), automatically have the Throwing skill, and are automatically equipped with Magic Spears, which return to their hand after striking their targets.

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