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Type: Person
Terrain: Forests, Caves, Sentry
Life: Orange 6, Red ?, Blue ?
Buffet: does Nothing
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: Orange Buffet, Red 1, Blue 2
Speed: 4
Attack: 11
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: Shield, Throw
Treasure: any
Suggested Special Treasure: P2 Shield

Named for ancient legends about lizardmen who once inabited Hyrule, Lizalfos are creatures which seem to be part of the upper ranks of Ganon's army, showing up late on the scene in the invasion, and currently forming what appear to be among the highest ranking officers, establishing fortresses, and commanding from a distance most of the time, but quite formidable in combat, themselves.
Orange Lizalfos carry spears which attack at Penetration Factor 2 and inflict 2 points of damage. Red Lizalfos carry Penetration Factor 3 maces, which inflict 4 points of damage, and Blue ones carry similar maces that inflict 6.
They are a mysterious people, who never speak to their enemies, but engage them immediately, ruthlessly, and to the death.

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