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Like Like

Type: Animal
Terrain: Caves
Life: 9
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 1
Speed: 2
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Deliberate (engulf)/Automatic (stomach acid)
Special Ability: eat magic items
Treasure: any

Like-likes are bizzare, tube-like creatures generally agreed to be the result of some failed magical experiment, or a conjuration of some sort.
From a distance, a like-like looks like a coiled, orange snake. However it has neither head nor tail, and is actually a tube, with folds of skin around it, so that basically its entire body is composed of mouth, stomach, and anus. It has an open circulatory system, decentralized nervous system, and no visible sensory organs.
It will blunder about a room blindly until it touches some creature holding a magial artifact. It will then quickly engulph the creature (no way to avoid this, once successfully attacked)
Once it has engulphed a creature holding magical items, every three seconds (turns) it will have eaten any exposed magical items that do not have sharp edges. That is to say, it would not eat a magical sword or spear, as it would puncture itself in the attempt, nor anything in a pouch or tied securely to a belt or a creature's back; however, it will eagerly eat up magical shields. The creature engulphed can attack the like like with whatever weapons it has on hand.
In the process of engulphing creatures in this manner, it will inflict one point of damage, and leave the creature engulphed with a rather large laundry bill.

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