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Type: Person
Terrain: any
Life: 4
Buffet: 1 Damage
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: Buffet
Speed: 4 (1 die +1)
Attack: 11
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: Telepathy
Magic: 6
Treasure: any

Hylians are the chosen race of the gods, and are the destined holders of the legendary Triforce. Although their blood has been mixed with that of their friends, the Calians, they are still identifiable as a race.
They stand about 5 to 5 1/2 feet tall, with long pointed ears, light skin, and chisled features.
They are skilled in the arts and sciences of both nature and magic, although most Hylians would argue that there is no distinction between the two. They tend to dress in bright colors and build their structures with more attention to beauty than function.
Some Hylians develop a strong connection, which allows them to communicate telepathically, and some have the ability to comunicate telepathically with anyone. It is said that they can also receive special messages from the gods, but this is often regarded as an "old wives' tale."

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