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Type: Animal
Terrain: Plains
Life: 16-96 (2 dice x8)
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: special (see below)
Damage: bite 2; paw 3; kick 4
Speed: 15
Attack: bite 18; paw 22; kick 15
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: trample over enemies, carry riders
Treasure: Heart
Suggested Special Treasure: Heart Container, Enemy Bait

There are several varieties of horses in Hyrule, bred for speed, strength, or beauty.
Horses provide the only kind of transportation in Hyrule other than running.
A horse will generally run from any loud noises or confrontation, but will occasionally kick if it feels threatened.
Riding on horseback increases a character's defensive Speed by 2 (for Attack rolls against it, not for turns per round), and drops its Attack by 1 (because you have to work around the horse). If the character is attacked, and the attacker misses by 1 or 2 (i.e., needs a 5 to hit and rolls 6 or 7), the rider is unharmed, but the horse takes the damage. When this happens, roll one die.
On a roll of 1, the horse does nothing but whinney.
On a roll of 2 or 3, the horse will rear up and attempt to buck its rider off. This is counted as an Attack at 10. If the Attack succeeds, the rider falls off, and the horse runs away. If the Attack fails, the rider regains control of the horse.
On a roll of 4 or 5, the horse will start running in a random direction. When this happens, roll a die each turn. On a roll of 1, the rider regains control of the horse. On any other roll, the horse keeps running.
On a roll of 6, the horse will kick the nearest creature.

War Horses are a special breed of horse, which, if trained from birth, can be taught to fight, and to receive commands from the rider's feet, rather than from the reigns, so the rider can effectively fight with both hands from horseback. In addition, a War Horse can be taught to attack, and will not run away in combat.
However, when a War Horse takes enough damage that its Life is at 10% of its maximum (rounded up), it will behave as a normal horse (roll dice when hit as described above).

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