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Hammer Beast

Type: Animal
Terrain: Sentry
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: Reel
Speed: 1
Attack: 8
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: Throw, Jump
Treasure: any

Hammer Beasts are formitable soldiers from another plane of existance. They can be summoned to Hyrule by powerful wizards using the Minion spell. They are about 6 feet tall, covered with hair, and have two arms, and two legs, but no head, per se. They have two large eyes and a mouth in the upper part of their bodies, so they seem to have no neck, but a wide head fused to their shoulders.
They carry several maces with them, which they throw in arcs, about 10 feet in the air, and landing six feet away, in vollies or veils in front of them, with alarming speed, forming somewhat of a barrier in front of them. When these maces hit the floor, or a target, they vanish, and reappear in the Beast's possession. Any character attempting to come within 6 feet of a Hammer Beast must undergo an Attack at 13 from these maces. These weapons inflict 2 points of Damage at a Penetration Factor of 4. At close range, a Beast will strike with its claws for 3 points of Damage at Attack 8, and Penetration Factor 4.
Rather than following the normal chart for a creatures attacks per Turn, Hammer Beasts have 6 actions per Turn, despite their low Speed and Attack. Typically, they will use these attacks simply to throw their maces.
Hammer Beasts can be given an order to guard a particular place or treasure when they are summoned to Hyrule, and they will do so until they are defeated, at which point they will return to their previous existance. Time has no meaning to them, so they can guard a location for years or even centuries.

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