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Type: Person
Terrain: Caves/Sentry
Life: red 3; blue 5
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 1
Speed: 2 (1 die -1)
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: night vision
Treasure: standard, B
Suggested Special Treasure: Boomerang

Goriya are demons that live in caverns deep under the surface of the earth. Most of them never see the sun, but some of the deepest mines have reached the highest of their caverns and unleashed them on the world.
Goriya generally stand about 4 feet high, and look rather like anthropomophized moles, with badger-like heads and sharp claws. Goriya usually carry several boomerangs with them, and are always expert hunters with them.
In the bowels of the earth, the only light is artificial and faint, so goriya are able to see in near-total darkness, giving them a great advantage against enemies who are not adept in dark environments.

Notes for players playing Goriya:
Goriya start with 4 CPs (or one die), automatically start with Throwing skill, and are atuomatically equipped with Boomerangs. Goriya may opt to start with Lift 2 by spending 3 Character Points.

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