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Type: Spirit
Terrain: Graveyards
Life: 9
Buffet: Stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 4
Speed: 4
Attack: 11
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: some are invincivle
Treasure: any

Ghinis are guardians of graveyards which appear only in times of great chaos or evil (called Cateclysms) such as the Imprisioning War, the Coming of the Wizard, and Ganon's Invasion. They wander around the graveyard more or less mindlessly, but attacking anyone who gets in their way.
Invincible Ghinis will emerge from headstones if the stones are touched by anyone other than the family of the deceased. These cannot, themselves, be killed, but they will vanish if the character that touched the stone moves more than 50 feet away from the grave. Also, if a normal ghini is killed, all other ghinis, invincible or otherwise, within a 50 foot radius will vanish.

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