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Type: Person
Terrain: any
Life: 1
Buffet: does nothing
Damage: n/a
Speed: 7 (2 dice)
Attack: 14 (7 long range)
Attack Type: n/a
Special Ability: fly, heal, cast magic
Magic: 50
Treasure: H (automatic)

Fairies are tiny people, about 2 inches tall, with four gossimer wings.
They live in enchanted springs with powerful magical fields around them, preventing any creature with a wicked heart from coming near them. Of course, fairies must occasionally leave these springs in order to procure food and other necessities.
All Fairies have the inherant ability to cast the Life spell on any creature, rather than just themselves. They are prized for their curative powers, and are often captured by evil armies. Although it is difficult to actually harm a fairiy, they are fairly easily captured with a butterfly net.
In combat, fairies will usually try to escape, since they cannot attack, and usually know few attack spells.
All fairies seem to be female, which is a dilema, to put it mildly. Since fairies never talk to other creatures about their ways, it is not known how this is possible. There are several theories about how they could exist this way. One is that there is a finite number of fairies, all of whom are immortal, so that as long as they live harmoniously in their springs, and are not killed, they have no need to procreate. Another is that they are some type of spirit born of an elemental force, and thus do not reproduce sexually. Another is that all fairies actually exist on some type of magical plane, and that their physical bodies are just a projection into our dimension, so that they can't be killed, only temporarily wounded. However, this is all academic, and the truth may never be revealed.
The Enslave spell does not have its normal effect on fairies. Instead, it transforms them into glowing skulls which move mindlessly around rooms, bouncing off of walls and moving in straight lines (Speed and Attack are unaffected, but antifairies do not follow creatures to attack them, the only bump into them by chance). If a character is hit by one of these antifairies, it causes 1 point of Damage, and the character also loses 1 point of Magic. The Healing spell or a pinch of Magic Powder will restore antifairies to their natural state.

Note for players playing Fairies or Managers running attacking Fairies:
A Fairy's attack at range (throwing, archery, magic wands, etc.) is the same as the its speed. i.e. if a Fairy has a Speed of 10, it attacks at 10 with a range weapon within the minimum range, not 17.
However, in hand-to-hand combat, a Fairy does attack at it's standard Attack rating. A Fairy with a Speed of 10 would swing a sword, punch, etc. at Attack 17.
Fairies cannot gain Character Points by sacrificing Magic.
Fairies never attack other Fairies. It is against their nature to fight any good creature.

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