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Type: Automaton
Terrain: Sentry
Life: 4
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 3
Speed: 2
Attack: 12
Attack Type: Deliberate
Treasure: any
Special Ability: Jump, Throw

Doomknockers are armored guards made with the Enslave spell. They carry maces which they can throw with a range mulitplier of x1, inflicting 2 points of Damage to anything it hits at Penetration Factor 3. If this weapon hits, it disappears, and reappears in the doomknocker's hand at the start of the next turn.. If it misses, it will turn around at the end of its flight (12 feet) and return like a tracer boomerang. At close range, they can punch for 3 points of Damage at Penetration Factor 2.
Their armor (which is integral, and can never be removed as long as they are Enslaved) provides them with a Penetration Resistance of 1 over their entire bodies.

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