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Type: Animal
Terrain: Caves
Life: 8
Buffet: does nothing
Damage Reaction: special (see below)
Damage: 1
Speed: 2
Attack: 9
Attack Type: Automatic
Special Ability:
Treasure: see below (any)

Dodongos are hulking orange reptiles with two horns on their heads, and one on their noses. They have a thick hide that cannot be penetrated by any known magic or weapon. Their only vulnerable spots are their eyes and mouth.
Their eyes are highly sensitive, however, and if a Dodongo gets smoke or dust in its eyes, it will stop dead in its tracks long enough to be stabbed through the eye or mouth and killed instantly. Such an attack only requires 1 point of damage to kill a dodongo, but must be delt with a pointed weapon (you can't stab a dodongo with a boomerang or club).
Dodongos generally lumber around, more or less oblivious to creatures around them. They cause damage not so much by attacking as by blundering into unfortunate creatures. If a dodongo actually attacks (which is rare), it does so by charging at Speed 5, and its horns will inflict 4 points of damage.
When one dies, roll a die. On a roll of 1-2, it leaves a Bomb. On any other roll, re-roll normally for any treasure.

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