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Type: Animal
Terrain: Forests
Life: Red 1 / Blue 2
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Stun
Damage: 1
Speed: 5
Attack: 12
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: spin silk dragline (equivalent to 1/4 inch rope).
Treasure: any

Closely related to tektites, these spidery creatures live in tall trees and drop down on passing creatures with a line of silk thread. There are two species, red and blue. Red deelers spin a silk thread and drop very quickly, and then climb back up almost as quickly after biting their prey once or missing altogether. They then repostition themselves for another drop. They use this hit-and-miss type of attack to take down prey of all sizes, from rodents to Hylians.
Blue deelers are physically very similar to red ones, but much stronger. They tend to drop to the ground rather than climb back up the thread. Once on the ground, they attack by jumping at Speed 6, Attack Level 13, once every 2 turns.

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