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Type: Animal
Terrain: Water
Life: 1
Buffet: Stuns
Damage: 2
Speed: 10
Attack: 15
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: glide, spit missiles
Treasure: standard, M

These voracious skeletal fish infest both fresh and salt water, and appear in huge numbers if not combatted. They are about ten to twelve inches long, and can weigh up to nine pounds. They can jump up to fifteen feet out of the water to attack land-based creatures, and remarkably, can slither along the ground almost as quickly as a rope.
In addition, they will often scoop up rocks from the ocean floor or riverbeds, and hold them in their mouths. Once on land, they can spit these with as much force as an octorok, with a Range Mulitplier of x5.
Note that bago-bagos do not actually "fly," but jump out of the water. Once on land, they have no ability to jump, whatsoever.
Casting Healing on one will reduce it to a normal, natural, dead fish.

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