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Type: Person
Life: 2
Buffet: stuns
Damage Reaction: Reel
Damage: 2
Speed: 3 or 6
Attack: 9 or 12
Attack Type: Deliberate
Treasure: Standard, A
Suggested Special Treasure: Shield

Armoses are petrified soldiers that come to Life if they are touched. The reason these warriors were put into this unnatural sleep is unknown, and may never be discovered, because when an armos comes to Life, it relentlessly attacks any creature nearby. If they speak at all, it is in a tongue long forgotten.
They carry spears which inflict 2 points of damage.
Present-day armoses are named after the Armos Knights of legend. According to legend, several centuries ago there were animated statues which were called "Armos Knights." These stone statues were said to come to Life whenever a warrior came with 5 feet of them, but none have been confirmed to still exist.

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