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Type: Animal
Terrain: Caves/Forests
Life: 2
Buffet: 1 Damage
Damage Reaction: Stun
Damage: 1
Speed: 6/3 see below
Attack: 13/10 see below
Attack Type: Deliberate
Special Ability: fly, breathe fire, transform
Treasure: standard, M

Achemen are predatory creatures with the uncanny ability to metamorphose from aches into demonic-looking batmen standing about 5 feet tall. It is unknown how aches and achemen are related. It is generally thought that aches grow to become achemen, but some naturalists are beginning to doubt this theory.
In their ache form, they are always red, whereas aches are normally blue, gray, or black. They can breath fireballs at their prey at Attack 15, with a Range Multiplier of 3, inflicting 3 points of Damage at Penetration Factor 3 on anything they hit.
In their ache form, they are smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable. A common technique among them is to swoop down from trees to a possition they feel is a safe distance from whatever they are attacking, transform, breathe fire, transform back, and retreat to safety.
Some people argue that the achemen actually constitute a people, but this is usually disregarded, since they have never demonstrated any ability to communicate or build. They never wear clothes, and never use tools, and their attack patterns are hopelessly predictable. Most people agree that they are not even among the brightest of animals.

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